Review: Zagg InvisibleSHIELD for iPad

Since I’ve always loved myfor past iPhones, it was a natural decision to protect my iPad with the same product. For my first iPhone (the 3g) I went the cheap route and only got the protection for the front screen. You can read more about that mistake in this blog post. On my current iPhone 4, I use theon both the front and the back. For my iPad, though, I went all the way…full body protection.

The end of the story is that theis, as always, awesome. The bubbles work out really well, it’s clear as day, and offers incredible scratch protection. Getting it installed properly left something to be desired, though…

Trying to peel an iPad sized floppy “sticker” off it’s back and get it properly installed on my iPad proved to be far more difficult than for my iPhone. The difference was size. The iPad is huge and beautiful and awesome…but because of that, theis also huge. Imaging an extra large, wet Fruit-Roll-Up, which, if you allow it to touch any part of itself, will instantly latch on and not let go. My first attempt yielded a big ball of… Have you ever peeled off a long strand of duct tape, balled it up, and then thrown it away? It was kind of like that; except I didn’t throw it away, because it was worth like $20.

Much to my surprise, though, after getting it unstuck from itself, I was able to get it installed properly, and now you can’t tell that there was any near-death-experience that theendured during its installation…props to Zagg for putting out such a resilient product.

After installing the back, the front was much easier to get installed, and then it was on to the side strips. These were very hard to put on, and they weren’t labeled to know which piece went on which sections of the iPad. I didn’t pick the right ones, and ended up overlapping one section and leaving another unprotected, but in the end, pretty much the entire iPad was well protected. Once inside its special case, I would have to drop it off a staircase to do any permanent damage to it.

At the end of the day, theline is awesome, and I highly recommend it.

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