What is that iPhone Icon? It’s TTY.

Every once in a while I do something to my iPhone that makes a little blue (or grey) phone icon appear in the upper right corner of the screen (Spoiler Alert: it’s the iPhone TTY Icon). Without fail, I forget what I did and need to search forums to find out how to get rid of it. So, this post is to help me figure it out next time I forget…as well as help any of you guys with the same question.

Ok, so here’s the icon that I’m talking about:


The reason the icon is there is that it’s telling me that the TTY function of my phone has been turned on. Enabling TTY is necessary to attach a teletype machine to the phone for the deaf or hard of hearing. You would need a separate TTY cable to use the TTY functionality, and odds are, if you are wondering what the icon is there for, you probably aren’t looking to respond by purchasing a teletype machine…you probably want to know how to turn it off. Here you go…

First, tap the Settings icon on your iPhone. Now, find your Phone settings:


On this screen, you will see the TTY setting that is turned on (at least…it’s turned on if you are seeing that phone icon in the corner).


All you need to do is touch the On/Off toggle so that it’s in the off position. Once you do so, you should see that TTY is off, and the icon will disappear.


And there you have it. Just hit your home button to get back to your home screen. It’s pretty simple, but it took me a lot of searching to figure it out the first time I had the problem.

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Photo by Yutaka Tsutano


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