Image Uploading Comes to Twitter (…finally)

Twitter has launched its own photo sharing utility.  I recently logged into my Twitter account and was faced with this helpful little window:

If you see a similar pop-up, you can click the “Learn More” link, which takes you here to learn more about the service.

In the documentation, they do say that some of the developer tools won’t be released until “after we’ve rolled out the feature to all users,” so it’s possible that you may not be able to use this feature quite yet.

Basically, Twitter is finally going to host their own images.  Technically, they are using the Photobucket service to do so, but most people won’t really care about that tid-bit of info.

Here are some of things that I found the most interesting:

  • Images can not be larger than 3 MB
  • Other pop-out image services (Flickr, yFrog, TwitPic, etc) will continue to be supported “indefinitely”
  • Deleting the tweet itself is the only way to delete the image from Twitter
  • Photo galleries are coming soon (“in the coming weeks” according to their website)
  • The image upload API will be available to developers in the future
So, I think this is a pretty big deal for Twitter.  You won’t have to be inundated with ads from yFrog just to attach a picture to your Tweets any more.  Good job Twitter.  About 3 years too slow…but better late than never.

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