Music Highlight: Future of Forestry

At a Glance

Name: Future of Forestry
Genre: indie/pop/rock/experimental/alternative
Christian: Yup

My Take

I came across a band recently. Well, I say that I came across them, though it was technically one of iTunes’ Genius Recommendations (I love that little bar). Whatever the case, I found them. And it was love at first…listen.

The name of the band is Future of Forestry, and the best way to describe them is to check them out. So, here’s a YouTube video to help you do that:

Clearly, these guys got talent.

I’m a Christian, so I am inclined toward morally uplifting and spiritually driven music. For that reason, Future of Forestry fits the bill for me because, well, so are they. But, if you don’t fall into the category of “Christian,” don’t run off just yet. They just plain make great music.

Their name may seem a bit odd, but it’s actually the title of a poem by C.S. Lewis called (you guessed it) “The Future of Forestry.” You can read the poem here.

Personally, I appreciate how “musical” each member of the band is. They all have the ability to play a variety of instruments and periodically participate in the vocals. Their music is beautiful; their lyrics are touching and emotional; the voice of Eric Owyoung (the lead singer) is unique, soothing, and makes me sound horrible when singing along to my iPod.

Their initial album, Twilight (no relation to that vampire movie), was great, but just the tip of the iceberg as it relates to where the band would be going musically. Their Travel EP’s (what’s an EP?) show an amazing maturity to their sound, going places musically that make them difficult to compare to other bands.

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