Send to iPhone Missing in Apple Maps

Send to iPhone Missing in Apple Maps?  You’re not alone.

At the top of the new Apple Maps app, you should see a little arrow allowing you to share directions from Maps straight to your iPhone.  The link (if it’s working) looks like this:

Send Apple Maps to iPhone

Send Apple Maps to iPhone

However, when I first fired up Apple Maps, I didn’t have the option to share with my iPhone.  And how does Maps know what I wanted to send it to in the first place?

The Solution

It turns out that the solution was pretty simple.  All I needed to do was log out of iCloud on my Mac and then log back in.  Once that is complete, your gadgets associated with your iCloud account should show up in the sharing menu of Apple Maps.  To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Open iCloud Settings
  3. Click “Sign Out” (You are going to have to confirm the deletion of each category that you have associated with your iCloud account.  Don’t worry, this info should repopulate when you log back in.)
  4. Sign back in to your iCloud account
  5. Quit Apple Maps
  6. Open Apple Maps
  7. Tweet, Like, and Comment on this post (…ok, technically speaking, this step is optional)

Once that is done, your different Apple devices should show up when you want to share directions from Apple Maps.

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Have any other problems or advice setting this up for your machine?  Leave a comment to help everyone else!

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