Yes, Page Admin, There is a Santa Claus

Update: Facebook reverted Pages back to the old format and tweeted this through their Twitter account: “Also, some internal prototypes were exposed to people and resulted in us disabling the site briefly. It’s now back to normal.” We’ll see how many of the new features outlined in this article turn out to be prototypes…sigh…

Merry Christmas, Page Admins! Today you’re getting an early Christmas present.

In typical Facebook style of just pulling the rug out from under us when something changes, the company today rolled out a completely new feature set and user interface for Page Admins.

As of just a few minutes ago, Page Admins are now given the ability to Login as the Page. This may not sound like a big change to non-Page Admins, but I think that I can hear the shouts of joy from the Page Admins around the world from my little office. Here’s a screenshot of the new layout. Note the new Login as Page button at the top:

Now, just like your personal profile, when you’re logged in as a Page Admin you have a notification section drop-down menu:

You can also choose to show all your notifications, and you are taken to a Notification History page:

Note that you can subscribe to your Notifications via RSS. This is fabulous for those of us that maintain a Facebook page for our employer, but don’t want to hand out on Facebook all day to monitor our Page’s activity.

Facebook appears to be referring to this new ability as your “secondary login,” which I found out by clicking a link while logged in as my Page which wasn’t available to me:

By choosing the Home button at the top of your page, you are now taken to your Page’s feed:

From your Page’s feed, you can see a summary of your own activity, or you can see a feed from your Page’s Favorite Pages.

Well, as I finish writing this post, I see that Facebook is completely down. But, such is life with the social networking juggernaut. These new changes are fabulous for Page Admins, and if it’s throwing their system for a loop, I’m okay with that.

…aaaaand now Facebook’s back, but the Login as Page feature is gone completely. Oh well, I’m sure it’s coming back soon. Enjoy your new-found super-powers, all you Page Admins out there! At least…once they’re working again.

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