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Facebook Disqus Email “Breaking change: API deprecations (1/7)”

If you use Disqus on your blog (as I do) within the past couple days you may have received an email stating that, essentially, your commenting system is going to stop working. If you (as I did) proceeded to freak out…you can stop now. It’s not as big of a deal as it sounds. Check […]

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Sydney Sings Go Tell It on the Mountain

This is my 2-year-old daughter Sydney singing “Go Tell It on the Mountain.” She was pretty unstable and had some sisters interrupting, but she was determined to get through that song.

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How to Embed and Resize YouTube Video

Everybody’s doing it. You see YouTube videos embedded all over the place. But how is it that people are getting the videos from our beloved YouTube site to their own websites? You’ll be please to find out that it’s not nearly as complicated as you might have thought. Step 1: Find the Embed Button The […]

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Flunder and Lightning

My kids are awesome…

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Music Highlight: Future of Forestry

At a Glance Name: Future of Forestry Genre: indie/pop/rock/experimental/alternative Christian: Yup My Take I came across a band recently. Well, I say that I came across them, though it was technically one of iTunes’ Genius Recommendations (I love that little bar). Whatever the case, I found them. And it was love at first…listen. The name […]

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“Hack” Your Facebook Albums

In this post, I’m going to show you how I “hacked” my photo album to get the following result. See it on Facebook here, or check out the screenshot: It’s actually not hard at all with the Photoshop template, so if you’re ready go ahead and download it now… Download the .psd template file to […]

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“Hack” Your Facebook Profile Picture

You’ve seen it before: people doing weird things with their profile picture to make it bigger, blend into the background, or really anything else that will make them stand out from the crowd. We’ve seen people hanging off things, climbing, falling, or doing pretty much anything else that you can do in a small amount […]

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Yes, Page Admin, There is a Santa Claus

Update: Facebook reverted Pages back to the old format and tweeted this through their Twitter account: “Also, some internal prototypes were exposed to people and resulted in us disabling the site briefly. It’s now back to normal.” We’ll see how many of the new features outlined in this article turn out to be prototypes…sigh… Merry […]

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